Earth vs Astronauts

It's pretty easy to hit a target on Earth: you aim and throw — allowing for the downward trajectory caused by the pull of gravity. But those rules change when your target is floating around in microgravity.

The aim of this game is to fire a ball into a hoop on-board the International Space Station. You'll be against the clock, so the faster you get your ball into the hoop, the quicker you'll progress to the next level.

Watch the astronauts do it for REAL on-board the ISS.

Ready? Take aim.

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  • Rick + Koichi Rick + Koichi 0:54
  • Jon Snow Jon Snow 60 0:56
  • Sandra & Sandy Sandra & Sandy 90 1:01
  • Jamie Laing Jamie Laing 110
  • Ron Garan Ron Garan 170
  • Doug Wheelock Doug Wheelock 180
  • Dermot O'Leary Dermot O'Leary 340
  • Timmy Mallett Timmy Mallett 365
  • Gemma Merna Gemma Merna 415
  • Mark Thompson Mark Thompson 635
  • Alex Brooker Alex Brooker 1140 1:01