Would space suit you?

It's taken Major Tim Peake years of hard work to become Britain's first official astronaut. But equally important are Tim's everyday life skills.

Take our test — modelled on criteria set by the European Space Agency — to see if you've got the right stuff to succeed in space.

Read each of the following scenarios and use the scale to indicate which option is nearest to your most likely response. 

This test should take less than five minutes to complete. 

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  • Some people just aren’t cut out for life in space. Being an astronaut is no easy task, after all. When Major Tim Peake boards the ISS in 2015, he will have to spend six months living in very close quarters, with no fresh air, few luxuries and incessant noise.
  • Your score could’ve been worse, but you’re still a million miles from getting into space. On the other hand, you’ve just escaped being shut in a dark spherical ball measuring three feet across without knowing how long you have to stay there… and that’s just part of the NASA selection process – designed to prepare would-be astronauts for long periods in confined spaces on the shuttle or certain areas of the ISS. Phew.
  • The good news is you’re about halfway there, but you’ve got serious competition and a lot of boxes still to tick. Astronauts like Major Tim Peake have to exercise for at least two hours a day to stop their bones wasting away, and a basic understanding of Russian is one of the many requirements. Time to start those language classes?
  • Great score! You’ve obviously got lots of the right stuff. But could you handle going blind like Hadfield, controlling a robot like Wakata or tackling emergency repairs like Mastracchio? Being an astronaut like Major Tim Peake requires that something extra-special and being able to adapt to whatever space throws at you… Though perhaps not the ISS toilet: they say you never get used to that!
  • Wow! What a score. Major Tim Peake better watch his back. Remember: most astronauts don't get in on the first try. In one case it was fourth time lucky. So if you’re really serious about wanting to be an astronaut, you’ll need one important quality: persistence. Reach for the stars!